Marcel Verbeek
Business Developer

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Quality and sustainability of our products

We support high-quality, sustainable produce by also packaging organic products. This ensures the best tasting produce with a longer lifespan and allows consumers to enjoy your fruit and vegetables as if they were just picked from the farm.

Environmental awareness

Growing crops organically is the most sustainable way to produce fruit and vegetables. This is more environmentally responsible, natural resources are being preserved, farmland doesn’t get contaminated with so many harmful chemicals, and the produce is much healthier! We even take the environment into account when laser-branding produce. Instead of the usual sticky labels, a laser burner is used to mark certain products. This saves a lot of paper, plastics and other resources.

Why we package organic products

We always pack fruit and vegetables in the most sustainable way, and we make sure quality and our customers’ wishes come first. Because more and more consumers are demanding organic products, we want to support our customers with organic produce by packaging their fruit and vegetables as well. In addition, organic produce comes with many benefits. It helps us create a better balance in the ecosystem. Organic produce is healthier and helps create healthier soil, plants, animals, and people.