Marcel Verbeek
Business Developer

Cool Port Packing Rotterdam starts its operations!

Our in-house packaging station starts operating early june

The beating logistical heart of Europe is the ideal place to realise an ultra-modern cool and frozen food store. Kloosterboer has done just that and will be up and running in a couple of weeks. What's even more special is that it includes an in-house packaging station. Cool Port Packing Rotterdam is the new, sustainable sorting, packaging and wrapping station in the harbour of Rotterdam.

When it comes to packaging, sorting, wrapping, labelling and cooling

Cool Port Packaging Rotterdam ensures the careful, hygienic and rapid packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables. And that's just the start! In addition to packaging, we take care of the full process of sorting, wrapping, packaging and labelling, 24/7.

Provides assistance during the whole packaging process

Kloosterboer outsources the process of sorting, wrapping, packaging and labelling to Cool Port Packaging Rotterdam. We are a professional fruit and vegetable partner that will be performing all value added services as an independent party. We know that fruit and vegetables deserve a special treatment, which is why each product is given the attention it deserves. The packagers are equally dedicated to the netting of a container oranges, as to the flow packing of a couple of boxes of avocados.