Marcel Verbeek
Business Developer

Show your corporate identity on every piece of fruit

Stand out on the store shelves and use environmentally friendly laser branding on your products

Paper labelling adds a distinctive feature on the store shelf, but is also an extra burden on the environment. Do you really want to stand out on the store shelf and also conduct business in an environment-friendly way? Use our unique laser branding technology! We will soon be able to very easily – and compliant with the latest European legislation – laser your logo, text, or own message into the skin or peel of your fruit.

Your corporate identity on your fruit and vegetables

Whether you want to display your own logo or convey a certain text or message, laser branding makes almost anything possible! Please check the video above to learn how melons are laser branded. Your corporate identity and environmentally-friendly attitude will make you stand out even more if you use laser branding: the latest labelling techniques.

Food safe and environmentally friendly laser branding

Every piece of fruit deserves a special treatment, and we know that better than anyone. As a result, every product is given the attention it deserves. The quality of the fruit is also paramount in laser branding, which means the laser is extensively tested before we start using it. It complies with the latest European legislation and is food safe, which means that it is also suitable for laser branding organic products.