Marcel Verbeek
Business Developer

Unique ginger line for the best results

From sorting to delivery with perfect quality

Before we decided on the machine we wanted to develop next, extensive research was carried out in which our customers’ requirements played a major role. It goes without saying that we have also taken the health trend of today's society sufficiently into account.
Since health and sustainability are of paramount importance to our company, having a ginger line was essential. So, that was to be the new investment made by Cool Port Packing Rotterdam, and the result is impressive!



Advantages of the new ginger line

Apart from the fact that sorting and repacking can be done faster, more hygienically, and more carefully, the new ginger line offers even more advantages. As a result of the automated process, our employees have more time available to fully focus on sorting and packing.
From pallet stacking and binding to controlling both the production line and quality, everything has been improved. With all these good developments, having a new flow pack machine – to be specifically used for ginger – was inevitable. Both investments ensure that no requirement regarding sorting and packing is too extreme for us.

What are the benefits of ginger

Ginger is one of the most consumed and healthiest spices in the world, and fortunately it is readily available all year round.

Ginger 1

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